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Isolation and cultivation

All strains in the culture collection are clonal, e.g. grown from one trichome, colony or cell isolated from natural plankton community. The strains were isolated using a glass capillary and then they were transferred into wells of microtitrate plates, in which higher biomasses were grown. Picocyanobacteria were isolated using the dilution technique.

The culturing room is a sterile, air-conditioned (22°C) room with 16L:8D light mode (16 hours light, 8 hours dark).

The majority of the strains in our culture collection is cultured in liquid media (BG11 and WC – find the recipes here) in Erlenmeyers flasks.

To accelerate the cyanobacterial growth, orbital shakers (Labotron, Unimax 1010) are sometimes used. Nevertheless, most strains are cultured as stationary batch cultures. The strains in culture collection are not axenic, however, we endeavour to reduce the amount of bacteria using sterile culture techniques (sterile tools, sterile box Steril GE etc.).

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